At NES Rentals, we believe being the aerial lift leader means not only having the quality equipment you need, but also making workplace safety a top priority. That's why we go out of our way to establish a culture of safety at every level of our organization - for the benefit of our customers and our employees.

We view safety as a catalyst for excellence, and we've put policies in place to keep our equipment operating properly, our employees working safely and our customers out of harm's way. In fact, our uncompromising approach to safety has earned us recognition from the National Safety Council (NSC) and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). Both organizations have singled out our chairman, Andy Studdert, for awards honoring his industry-leading commitment to safety.

As part of our ongoing safety efforts, we:

  • Perform frequent equipment inspections and audits - after each rental transaction and at regular 90-day and annual intervals
  • Train employees to perform their work safely - including semi-monthly safety seminars for drivers and mechanics
  • Provide online driver training to our employees, as well as complimentary training for one member of their families
  • Provide Operator Training for our employees and customers to help ensure the safe and efficient operation of our equipment. NES Rentals is the first rental company to offer the internationally recognized AWPT Operator Training Program to our customers.
  • Regularly monitor our branches' compliance with environmental and safety regulations and corporate policies through annual unannounced audits, quarterly inspections and management site visit checklists
  • Recognize branches and individuals for their safety efforts through an awards program
  • Conduct environmental, health and safety (EHS) awareness campaigns to improve employee understanding of EHS issues
  • Insist that our drivers review equipment safety devices and procedures with recipients
  • Apply "Click-It" warning stickers to boom equipment to alert operators to the need for personal fall protection
  • Establish a culture where all employees take responsibility for their safety and those around them and accept an active role in preventing unsafe conditions and damage to the environment
  • Served as a committee member for the creation of the first-ever best practices documentation for aerial work platform equipment operators in the Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Industry
  • Member of both the ANSI A92 Standards Committee and the AWPT North American Advisory Council


In addition, we belong to a number of safety organizations, including:


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