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At NES Rentals, We Live Construction Rental

Is your work environment smooth and level, or is it rough and uneven? Are there obstacles to work around? How high do you need to reach? At NES Rentals we ask the necessary questions to evaluate our customers' specific needs and recommend the most appropriate equipment for each individual job.
Our industry experts will use their extensive knowledge to take the guesswork out of equipment renting. Talk to a representative today to get started.


At NES Rentals, we want to help you maximize your bottom line. We’ve been supplying the construction industry for years, so we know what’s important to our customers. Let us help you maintain a safe job site and finish projects without setback by providing one of the largest and safest fleets around. We lead the industry in aerial lift equipment rental, but we don’t stop there. We specialize in a large selection of construction equipment and tools, so you can get what you need, when you need it—all from one convenient place!

Facilities Management

Increase productivity and Return on Investment (ROI) with NES Rentals’ facility management team. When you have your equipment provided by our company, you’ll have a representative available to help you every step of the way. Let us assist you in managing equipment needs and scheduling. Access our website from work or home 24/7 to be accommodated during those last minute changes so you can maximize uptime and get the job done.


When your team needs extra reach, you want equipment that can get the job done—safely. Safety is a top priority for NES Rentals, and we understand that Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) are important aspects of that. All of our equipment is inspected upon return and again before being delivered to you, so we can ensure proper working order when you’re ready to use it. Our extensive fleet meets its set of original manufacturer maintenance requirements in addition to our own standards, making us a smart partner for any MRO team.

Specialty Trade

NES Rentals offers a variety of tools and equipment for electrical, HVAC, roofing and other specialty trade jobs. We offer maximum reach and extra reliability through our large, well maintained fleet of specialty equipment. Count on us to have the equipment you need, while you focus your energy on managing projects and increasing your bottom line.