NES Rentals Best Practices

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At NES Rentals, We're Part of an Industry Focused on Safety

NES Rentals is part of an industry that maintains a heavy focus on safety. As part of our commitment to improving safety in our industry, we joined a working group to help create Best Practices to help rental companies, owners and users of the equipment make better informed decisions concerning the use of AWP equipment.  To date, this work group has developed the Statement of Best Practices of General Training, Familiarization for Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Equipment, the Statement of Best Practices of Personal Fall Protection for AWP Equipment, and the Statement of Best Practices for Workplace Risk Assessment and AWP Equipment Selection. These best practices can be used as tools to help improve the safe use of AWP equipment through proper operator training, selection of equipment and personal fall protection use.

These documents are available to AWP equipment dealers, owners, users and operators to increase initiative and awareness while clearly defining roles and responsibilities.   Anyone involved in the selection and use of AWP equipment would benefit greatly from the use of these Best Practices.

Best Practices of General Training and Familiarization for AWP Equipment

A document that provides an explanation about the roles and responsibilities related to general training and familiarization for the proper and safe use of AWP equipment. This Best Practice clarifies the activities performed during familiarization and general training and provides guidance about various aspects of training such as record retention, qualifications of instructors and frequency of training and familiarization.  Information about OSHA regulations and ANSI standards is also provided in this useful guidance tool.

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Best Practices of Personal Fall Protection Systems for AWP Equipment

Not sure about what type of personal fall protection to use when operating a boom lift?  This is the Best Practice for your questions about personal fall protection system options, planning to prevent falls and setting up a fall protection system.  You can also learn more about OSHA regulations and ANSI standards that are applicable to this aspect of AWP equipment operation.

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Best Practices for Workplace Risk Assessment and AWP Equipment Selection

Help your team identify workplace hazards, offer guidance on how to conduct a thorough risk assessment, and implement control measures. This Best Practice also helps you make an informed decision to select  your AWP equipment so you get the right type of equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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